Next Level Pension Consultants

A pension scheme is an important employee benefit. Arranging these matters is not easy and takes a lot of time. And especially when (some of) your employees are working in The Netherlands and your knowledge of Dutch laws and regulations is limited.

“Employer, what kind of pension scheme do you want to offer to your employees?”

At Next Level we have expertise in the following situations:

  1. Setting up a pension scheme in The Netherlands.
    Setting up a pension scheme for your employees that fits your company culture and complies with Dutch rules and regulations is a complex matter which requires expert knowledge of Dutch law and regulations. Next Level Pension Consultancy has a phased approach which enables you to follow the process step by step. We will help you design and implement the most suitable pension scheme for your company.
  2. Change your existing Dutch pension scheme.
    Due to changes in the Dutch law or your business activities you might have to change the pension scheme or consider alternatives. Next Level Pension Consultancy guides you through the process off altering and implementing the new pension scheme.
  3. Due diligence investigation of second opinion.
    Would you like to perform a due diligence investigation to determine the accuracy off presented information? Would you like a second opinion on an existing advise for implementing a pension scheme? At Next Level we are experts in Dutch pension schemes. We can provide a second opinion or due diligence on short notice. We can also be off assistance in the interpretation, implementation and communication off a new pension scheme.

At Next Level Pension Consultancy we work on fee base only. We are happy to provide an estimate or fee quote for specific services.

We are located at the yacht club of Scheveningen on the edge off the city of The Hague.